Thursday, 18 December 2014

Real Estate is a promising career in Singapore

RES in Singapore
Brief introduction:

As you know, Singapore is a popular business center in the world there is considerable scope for those who want to venture into new areas of business and earnings. One of the promising careers in Singapore is the Real Estate. Interestingly, those who want to pursue Real Estate as a career should undergo stipulated period of training with any of the recognized schools and they will have to successfully complete the prescribed examination. Only after this training period they are given the certificate to work as a real estate salesperson which is also called RES career.

Course has vast syllabus:

According to the laws governing Singapore, this course is mandatory for those who want to take up real estate as a career. The syllabus for this course is considerably vast and the aspiring candidate will have to undertake the studies only in some of the recognized institutions. The syllabus contains knowledge various laws pertaining to sale and purchase of real estate properties, the procedures for buying and selling of properties, laws regarding holding, ethical values to be followed by the real estate agent and various such other topics are included. There are several RES Course provider in Singapore and the examination for the course is conducted by the Council for Real Estate Agencies. Only those candidates who hold the course completion certificate issued by a recognized institution are allowed to take up the examination. Therefore the candidate must take up the course only in any of the institutions that is recognized by the appropriate agencies.

A promising course:

The duration of the course varies from six months to one year depending on the Institution that offers the course. The candidate will have to take up the examination within two years after successful completion of the course. If he does not do so, then he will have to take up the course once again. The candidate who successfully completes the examination is deemed to be an accredited Real Estate Salesperson. Thereafter, the successful candidate will have to work as an apprentice or trainee for a stipulated period of time. As experts say RES in Singapore has gained popularity because the real estate is a promising career in this competitive business world.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Difference between a real estate investor and a real estate agent

The real estate market in Singapore is one of the most revenue generating domains in the country. The real estate investors and agents play a significant role in the industry. An investor buys properties when the rates are low and sell it off when a profitable margin is acquired. Singapore is a country that attracts plenty of corporate professionals. In order to meet their accommodation needs for a long period of time, the big companies often choose serviced apartments. The real estate investors buy serviced apartments and rent it out to corporate companies for a good amount of money.

The real estate agents assist people in buying and selling properties. The people who choose the country as their place of work would need apartments and residential properties. The budgets would be different for different people. When a person is in need of a residential or commercial property they seek the aid of a real estate agent. The agents are licensed provide assistance in real estate deals. The agents need to complete the real estate course stipulated by the Council for Estate Agencies in the country in order to start working in this domain. They will be well versed with the laws and regulations involved in each kind of property deal. You can hence contact the sales professionals working with various real estate agencies in the country whenever you are in need of a property.

The role of a RES Singapore is quite high when it comes to real estate deals in the country. If you need to buy a property to enjoy your stay in the country or sell off your property while leaving the country, the real estate agents will be of great help. You will not have to go through the hassle of fixing the paper works involved in closing a deal or go around the country in search of ideal properties when you hire a real estate agent. All the tasks will be completed in a prompt manner if you choose a qualified real estate professional.

If you want to enjoy a good career in the real estate industry in Singapore, you can become a real estate salesperson by completing the RES course. In order to be a real estate investor, you will need a huge amount of money as capital.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Does each real estate course differ depending on city?

Res CourseThe RES course enables you to understand about all the factors related to the real estate industry in Singapore. The course is conducted according to a syllabus stipulated by the Council for Estate Agencies in the country. Hence all the important guidelines related to the industry are followed to the core. You might have various concerns regarding the course and might have major doubts regarding the difference depending on the city. The course follows a uniform syllabus which is applicable throughout the country. You do not have to enroll for special courses to learn about the real estate laws and regulations related to each and every area in the country.

The rules and regulations prevailing in the real estate industry are common throughout the country. The laws are different for various types of properties and deals but it does not depend on the city. You will have to learn about the laws pertaining to the commercial and residential properties in detail in order to work as a real estate salesperson in the country. When you choose a reputed RES course provider approved by the CEA, you will be able to learn all the topics in an easy manner. The good institutes in the country that offer the RES curriculum follows a systematic approach by employing highly qualified faculty members to conduct the training sessions.

The real estate rules are different when you consider the major business districts in the country. This is because of the huge number of commercial buildings and the properties used to serve business needs. You will be able to learn about the laws pertaining to these properties when you undergo the real estate sales training. You do not have to enroll for a separate course to learn about the laws pertaining to this because it is all covered by the regular real estate course. The choice of the course provider is to be done with care to enjoy maximum benefits. You will be able to enjoy your career as a salesperson in the industry and earn good monthly revenues with ease when you choose a good provider for the course. The training sessions conducted by highly experienced lawyers and retired real estate professionals will help a lot in building a strong career, irrespective of the area you concentrate on in the country for the real estate deals.

Friday, 21 November 2014

How important is it for real estate agents to be good at marketing

Res Course
In order to perform well as a real estate agent in Singapore, you need to have great communication skills. You will have to meet plenty of customers on a daily basic and talk to them regarding various factors. You will have to understand their exact requirements and should have great interpersonal skills to earn their praise. However, exemplary communication skills alone will not help you to do your job well. You should possess sound marketing skills too.

You will be able to enhance your marketing skills when you enroll at a reputed institute for the RES course. The real estate course conducted by the CEA will help you with marketing skills. You will be able to understand the tips and tricks required to perform your daily duties when you undertake this course. In order to be good at marketing, you need to have sound knowledge in the field. You will have to understand about each and every detail related to the real estate market in the country if you have to convince your clients. You will be able to sell properties only if you are able to answer the queries put forward by the clients. You will have to clear all the concerns that the clients would have in mind regarding different types of properties. This is an important part of marketing and will be taken care of when you take up the course in real estate.

When you work as a RES in Singapore, you will have to deal with different types of clients. You will have to show properties of various price tags depending on the type of client you are handling. You will have to make use of the right opportunities and push the high priced properties when you see a potential client. This can be done only if you sharpen your marketing skills. If you follow a regular routine and do nothing out of the box, you will not be able to take your career to greater heights. If you want to enjoy hefty returns and a stable career in the real estate industry, you need to keep your marketing skills polished all the time!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What should everyone know about real estate career

real estate licence courseThe real estate industry in Singapore is one of the most promising job domains that offer great remuneration. If you have adequate savings, you can invest money in the industry and earn profits in a short while. You can also earn a good amount as monthly income if you work as a real estate salesperson in the country. Being an investor in the industry is quite different from working as a real estate salesperson. Your daily duties and the working style would be entirely different. Your responsibilities and required skills will also be different.

In order to be a realtor, you need to have a good amount of money easily accessible in your bank accounts. When you come across listing in the classifieds related to the sale of a property at an attractive, you will have to buy it without much time delays. Properties will sell off easily in the country because of huge demand and hence your timely actions matter a lot in this business. When you find a buyer for the property after a while, you will be able to sell it off at a profitable rate.

If you want to work as a salesperson in this industry, you need to complete the real estate licence course conducted by the Council for Estate Agencies in the country. You will have to appear for the RES exam which consists of two papers and obtain pass marks in both in order to earn the license required for the job. You need to be careful with the selection of institute to take up the real estate course in order to clear the exam in the first shot itself.  The institute should have a good track record and a good team of faculty members. The course deals with plenty of terms and laws related to the industry and expert guidance is required in order to learn the portions. You need to be systematic with the studies in order to complete the exam successfully.

You will have to deal with different types of clients in your daily life at work when you take up the job of a salesperson with a reputed real estate agency. You will have to complete the documentation works involved in closing a property deal. You will have to show properties to your clients according to their requirements. You will have to explain about the details related to the properties in a convincing manner. You will also have to use your negotiation skills effectively in order to close deals. Completing the license course real estate will help you to do all these without much difficulty.

You need to keep your skills updated and keep your eyes and ears open in order to enjoy your career as a salesperson in the real estate industry. You should keep an updated database always in order to fair well in the job. You should be aware of the attractive areas in the country that are good for residential and commercial properties. You should also have a good knowledge about the serviced apartments and properties available on lease to meet the needs of your customers.

A career in the real estate industry is very interesting because you will be able to meet a lot of people every day and travel around the country a lot.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

How to be a property agent in Singapore

When you work as a property agent in Singapore, you will be able to enjoy your daily job in a great way and also enjoy great revenues. You need to possess certain skills to fair well in this trade. You need to have sound interpersonal skills and should be able to communicate with different types of clients efficiently. You will have to deal with high profile clients as well as ordinary people who are in search of their dream homes. You need to provide great assistance to your clients and help them in finding the property that serves their needs. Most importantly, you need to complete the RES course conducted by the Council for Estate Agencies in the country.

The first thing to do in order to be a property agent in the country is to choose a good RES course provider. You will have to make this selection after verifying the reputation of the institute and the placement records. If you choose an institute that provides placement assistance upon successful completion of the course, you will not have to try too hard to get a job. The course syllabus deals with enhancement of your communication skills, different laws and regulations associated with various kinds of properties in the country and also the etiquettes that need to be followed by property agents. If you are an enthusiastic individual with the flair to learn new things, you will be able to complete the course easily. You need to learn the daily portions taught at the institute and make notes during the course of study. When you jot down important points, you will be able to understand the property laws and regulations easily. You should not miss any training sessions because each and every module is important from the exam perspective. Once you complete all the lessons, you should start taking mock exams. You can download mock exams through various online portals and get it with the help of your trainers too. Once you complete the course and pass the RES exam, you should keep your eyes and ears open to property related news in the country. You should keep an updated database of available properties in the country that falls in all possible categories.

When you follow these tips, you will be able to enjoy a strong career in the real estate market as a property agent. 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

What you must know to clear RES Exam? Covering proper syllabus for real estate course

Res Course
If you have decided to establish your career in real estate industry and become RES in Singapore, then you would be knowing that it is important to meet the preliminary requirement, i.e. to clear the RES exam. 

You have to study the RES course syllabus, prepared in the context of Singapore governing real estate agency work. The syllabus is specially designed which gives proper knowledge to candidates about:

Concepts of real estate and agency practice;

Legal requirements and laws governing property transactions and real estate agency work;
Terminology and concepts of real estate sale and leasing and the need to comply with the requirements of the law;

Requirements of the Estate Agents Act 2010 and subsidiary legislation including Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and of the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA); and

Handling typical property transactions effectively and in compliance with the law, government policies, rules and CEA’s prescribed regulations and practice guidelines.

A Look at the topics & contents of the syllabus:

Competency Unit 1 ‐ Real Estate Agency Industry Overview Real estate market and submarkets:

Real estate market players and government intervention 

Law of agency 

Role and functions of salespersons and their requisite knowledge and skills

Regulation of real estate agency industry

Competency Unit 2 ‐ Basic Land Law Concepts and Dealings with Interests in Land 

Basic Land Law Concepts 


Estates in land 

State Lands Act 

Rights in another’s land:  (a) Licence , (b) Easement, (c) covenant 

Registration of titles

Dealings with Interests in Land (Conveyance inter vivos)





Future interests 


Restrictions on capacity to hold land

Planning and development of land

Competency Unit 3 – Real Estate Marketing

Principles of real estate marketing 

Types of listing 

Methods of sale 

Regulations on advertisements 

Marketing of residential property/HDB flats

Marketing of commercial property

Marketing of industrial property 

Marketing of special properties


Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act 

Competency Unit 4 – Property Transactions – Laws and Practices 

Law of contract 

Sale of uncompleted private properties

Landlord and tenant law

Leasing of private properties

Subletting of HDB flats

Foreign worker housing

Taxes on property finance and financial calculations

These are the important topics and contents that you have to work upon to become the RES in Singapore. 

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