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How to enjoy a good career in Singapore real estate industry

license course real estateIn order to enjoy a good career after completing your studies in Singapore, you need to stay focused and understand the market status. The real estate industry is one of the most sought after career markets in the country. Since people in the country require different kind of properties to serve their various personal and business needs, the real estate industry is on the profitable side. This would remain to stay the same for years to come because people would require places to stay and office buildings to run their businesses. Now, how to enjoy a good career in Singapore real estate industry? Here are some of the important points that would answer the query.

Understanding the market

You have to be fully aware of the real estate market in order to start your career in the industry. You need to understand the key factors related to the real estate industry in Singapore and understand the most sought after property types during the time. The trends keep changing and you need to keep analyzing the changes that occur in the market. Before you take up the license course real estate, it would be ideal to understand the functions of a real estate agency. Try to get details related to the functions carried out by the real estate salespersons in the market. This will help you with the course as well as your career.

Completing the course

After understanding the job requirements and market needs, you should undergo real estate sales training from a reputed institute. If you want to enjoy a career as a salesperson in the industry, you will have to complete the CEA approved real estate licence course. This has to be completed from an approved institute after which you have to appear for an exam. The exam consists of two papers and you need to obtain pass mark for both the papers in order to earn the real estate salesperson license. The course will help you to understand details about the industry and will also help you with your daily tasks when you start your career. You will also be able to understand all the details related to the laws and regulations involved in property sales in Singapore. You will also be able to understand completely about the documentation processes involved in closing a real estate deal. All these will help in shaping your career in the real estate market.

Keeping eyes and ears open

Once you successfully complete the RES course, you need to be vigilant every day. You need to keep your eyes and ears open all the time in order to identify the real estate deals in the country. If you come across a property that is out up for sale, you should immediately jot down all possible details related to the property. This will help you to provide an extra option to your next clients who visit you for a similar property to the one that you had made a note of. When you keep updating your property catalogs, you will be able to enjoy a fruitful career in the real estate industry of Singapore.

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Monday, 27 October 2014

What are the steps involved in real estate investing for the first time

real estate course
The real estate market in Singapore is one of the most potential job domains in the country. This is because there is a huge demand for properties in the country. People who complete the license course real estate can easily get a job with the reputed real estate companies in the country because quite a lot of people require their services on a daily basis. Hence, you can invest your money in this domain and earn profits for sure, if you make the right moves. Here are few steps involved while investing in the real estate domain for the first time.

You need to understand the market first. You need to do a lot of research before investing money in any business and the same applies in real estate industry as well. There are plenty of places in the country that are considered as ideal residential locations. Some of the other areas are good for business establishments but not for residential purposes. You need to identify your requirements first before placing the investments. If you are planning to invest money on residential properties, you should choose an area that is away from the industrial area. You will be able to identify the best places that serve the purpose with the help of real estate agents who have completed the course in real estate from a reputed institute in the country. They will be well versed with the popular areas that are good for residential needs as well as business requirements.

You need to understand the laws and regulations related to each type of property in the country. You can seek the aid of professional who have competed the real estate course in the country to learn about the required rules and regulations. You should take into consideration the tax amounts involved when you buy different types of properties. If you are planning to invest on apartments, the tax rates would be different from that charged for commercial spaces. The difference will matter a lot when you sell off the properties later on to enjoy profits.

You need to set your limits first. You should decide on a budget first and play your cards accordingly. You should have a rough figure regarding the selling price in mind if you are planning to buy properties in the country as an investment. You should also decide on a period. With the help of professional real estate agents, you will be able to identify the best properties in the country that will fetch you profits in a short while.

Going through the journals and online portals that explain about the growth prospects of the country would be ideal if you are planning to invest a lot of money in the real estate industry. The authorities might come up with new rules and regulations often with regards to the real estate industry. This might cause a fluctuation in prices of different types of properties. You need to understand about the recent changes brought to the property laws in the country to avoid any trouble.

You should go through all these steps before investing your money in Singapore real estate industry. If you make your moves after careful analysis, you will be able to enjoy good returns.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

What makes condos a hot property for the salespersons in Singapore?

Res Course
There are plenty of reasons that make condos a hot properly for the salespersons in Singapore. People who are done with the RES course in the country start their careers with one of the top real estate agencies in the country. In order to survive in the market, you need to be highly competent. The condos market is really huge in the country but most of the salespersons would be trying to strike a positive deal every day. You need to hence make your moves intelligently. Here are some of the reasons that make condos popular in Singapore.


A lot of travelers visit Singapore from different parts of the world to enjoy a vacation with family.  When compared to staying in hotels, condos offer better facilities and privacy without costing a lot of money. This has made condos a very popular property in the tourism segment. When you work as a salesperson in the real estate market, you will be able to attract a lot of tourists and win some good returns when you can find condo rental deals. You need to identify the major areas in the country first and look for condos in the area in order to enjoy better returns.


Plenty of business organizations send their executives to Singapore to serve their requirements. To make the accommodation of these executives topnotch most of the companies choose condos in the country. This will help them to provide impeccable facilities without spending too much money. Since the major amenities in condos are shared by different people, companies sending multiple numbers of executives would prefer condos. When you strike a positive deal with one of the business organizations, you will be able to enjoy better margins compared to the rates provided by your other customers. When you work as an RES in Singapore, you should try your best to strike positive deals with business enterprises because they will keep sending executives to the country and hence you will be able to enjoy long term deals.


There are many people who travel to Singapore all alone. They would require a cozy place away from the busy city to sleep during the nights. Condos offer a lot of comfort to such travelers. When you work for a real estate agency in the country, you might have to meet monthly targets. When you find potential travelers who visit the country all alone, you will be able to easily guide them to a condo apartment because it would be wallet-friendly and comfortable for them. When you explain the benefits offered by this type of apartments, you will be able to easily win their favor.


Singapore also has plenty of luxury condos. You will be able to attract premium travelers who would look for luxurious travel facilities during their visit to the country when you have a database containing the details of luxury condos. When you work as a RES Singapore, you should always identify the most profitable real estate deals in order to enjoy the best returns. Luxury condos would be a great way of making money compared to selling different other type of properties.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Singapore Properties versus Malaysia Properties

real estate license course
Real estate market is booming both in Singapore and in Malaysia. There is a growing trend to compare the advantages and disadvantages of owing or renting property in these two neighboring nations before investing money to buy property in these two nations.  Both countries are industrialized, have great infra structure and safe environment.  Singapore property market just now booming and many investors from overseas have invested in real estate in the city nation.  On the other hand Malaysian properties, in comparison are cheaper, which makes them more attractive to the middle class buyers.  Anyone who has done a real estate license course or has undergone real estate sales training can easily discern the rising trend which compares real estate market in these two countries.

One does not need license course in real estate to understand why Malaysian properties score over Singapore real estate  particularly when the customers and buyers are middle class with limited spare cash. Real estate environment in both nations is same, the quality of the building material, the safety and security element and the infra structure, all these elements are equally good.  However, the price of property is much higher in Singapore than in Malaysia.  It is reported that per square foot cost in Singapore is $ 503 in some areas as compared to the same type of housing in Malaysia which comes with $270 per square foot cost.

Buying property just over the border and commuting to Singapore for work has given rise to a real estate boom in Malaysia, mostly in the areas adjacent to the border, in Iskandar and even in Kuala Lumpur.  The demand for housing in Singapore has spilled over to Malaysia and this has created a mini boom in housing in that place as well. Malaysia has an open door policy which makes buying property as easy as buying property in Singapore.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

5 Qualities RES course providers must possess

When you choose a RES course provider in Singapore, you need to take care of various factors. The course has to be completed from an authorized training centre in order to be eligible to appear for the exam conducted by the CEA. You need to pass the exam in order to start working as salesperson in the real estate industry in Singapore. Your choice of course provider would be one of the vital factors that would decide the fate of your career. Hence, here are few things that you need to consider when you choose a course provider.

Skilled trainers

You need the able support of qualified trainers in order to complete the course successfully. Make sure that the institute you choose has a good team of faculty to help the candidates. There should be professionals who have great experience in the real estate industry and also retired lawyers. This will help you in learning the tips and tricks of the industry with ease.

Excellent classrooms

The course provider should have excellent classrooms for conducting the training sessions. The portions mentioned in the syllabus are vast and hence you will have to attend plenty of long sessions in order to complete the course. If the classrooms are not of impeccable quality you would have a hard time learning the topics taught. Hence make sure that the institute provides state-of-the-art classrooms.

Modern facilities

The RES course deals with plenty of laws related to the real estate industry and also about various types of properties available in Singapore. Make sure that the course provider has audio visual facilities to conduct the training sessions in an interesting manner. This will help you to learn the topics easily. You will be able to capture the important points in your minds with ease when video training sessions and interactive sessions are conducted.

Flexible training sessions

When you choose a CEA approved RES course provider, make sure that they provide flexible training sessions. If you happen to miss out a day’s sessions, you should still be able to learn the topics covered on that day. Extra classes for the portions missed should be provided by the institute. Some of you might not be able to attend regular classes due to prior commitments. The institute should provide you with flexible training sessions like evening batches and online sessions to serve such needs. Make sure that you check out these facilities when you choose a course provider in the country.

Placement assistance

There is heavy competition in the job markets around the world and this is the same in Singapore too. If the institute you choose for the real estate course provides you with placement assistance it would help you a lot in enjoying a fruitful career. When you compare various institutes that offer the course in the country, take a look at the placement records too. Some of the institutes have tie-ups with the major real estate agencies in the country which will help the candidates to get placed easily once the exam is cleared. If you do your course with one such provider, you can secure your future easily.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Benefits of Real Estate Course in Singapore

real estate course
So you’ve decided to get into the real estate business; congratulations. A profession in real estate market is a great career choice, especially for those who already have some selling experience or training in this field. The opportunity to earn money in this sector is much greater than most of the other professions out there.

Before venturing into the real estate business, you need to undertake a real estate course that would simplify your learning process and help you towards obtaining a valid license. Becoming a realtor requires more skills than just having desire to sell out homes. A RES  agent should have strong determination and guts to deal situations, a polished presence both physical as well as verbal and an encyclopedic knowledge about the local real estate market.

Real estate prices go higher with every passing year in Singapore, and a career in this field will help you to reap the huge monetary potential inherent in the local real estate market. Decision making is the key, and to succeed in this arena you should be able to perceive in the right direction and know how and where to invest. A handy course in real estate would give you the necessary skill and vision that are a must to venture into this field.

With the coming of internet into our lives, a number of options have emerged in each and every scenario and real estate sector is no different. Nowadays, along with traditional classroom courses, you have the ease and convenience of enrolling in an online real estate school. Online real estate course imparts you the freedom to select your learning hours and schedule your education according to your commitments and time frame. It is the most suitable option for the working adults, who can earn and learn simultaneously.

Doing a real estate course in Singapore will help you in understanding the city in a better way from a realtor’s prospective. The course will give you a deep insight of various locations of the island country that are ideally suited for a booming real estate market in near future. The course will enrich your knowledge about the diverse cultural backgrounds of the populace of Singapore and polish your skills to tackle situations based on a particular state of affairs.

Friday, 17 October 2014

How good is it to opt for the profession of a sales agent?

real estate licence course
The job of a professional sales agent is very interesting because of various factors. A sales agent identifies the requirements of the people and come up with sellable ideas that would be beneficial for themselves as well as for the buyers. It is a job that reaches out directly to the people around you and hence it is a very interesting thing to do. The job of a real estate sales agent is simply great because of plenty of reasons. Here are few of them.

Sound incomes

You will be able to enjoy sound incomes without any hassle. Most of the real estate agents pay good salaries to the sales agents. There is huge demand for properties in the country and hence sales agents are required in huge numbers in order to meet the daily needs. A professional sales agent who has completed the real estate licence course will be able to deal with the daily requirements of real estate agencies with ease. Along with the salaries, the sales agents might also win extra perks if the work hard is excellent. As long as there is a demand for different kinds of properties in the country, the sales agents would be able to enjoy sound incomes.

New challenges often

The job of a sales agent is very interesting because of the new challenges that come up from time to time. The trends in the industry keep changing and hence, you get to be a part of different kind of deals. You will have to deal with clients of different classes. Some of them would be rich businessmen who look for a penthouse in the country. There would also be people who look for wallet-friendly facilities that provide the basic facilities. Some of the properties might be located away from the mainland and your client would want to sell it off at an attractive rates. Hence, different challenges do come up often which will keep your job interesting.

Interact with new people

You will be able to interact with lot of new people during your day-to-day works. You will have to meet people who are willing to sell properties and many others who are searching for one. Some of them would want to buy properties at low rates in order to sell it later when the rates go high. There would also be a great demand for duplex apartments and studio flats. The needs of people would different from one another and hence you get a chance to interact with a lot of people. You will be taught how to interact with your customers in a professional manner and win their deals when you complete the license course real estate. It will help you to become a highly successful real estate agent.

Not monotonous

Right from the time you enroll for the real estate sales training, you will understand the immense possibilities of the job of a salesperson in the real estate industry. You will not get bored due to your daily work because each day would be new at work. You will have to meet new people, visit new buildings and properties and talk to the authorities about different kind of properties. All this will help you to enjoy your work as it is never monotonous.